The Simplest Way To Get A Great Video…

Get in touch with some initial details of what you’d like to promote, and I’ll help with planning and scripting an effective film as well as shooting and editing. I can make a film wherever you need it to be made – in a rehearsal space, music studio, at the venue… even outdoors, Scottish weather permitting!

I love working closely with clients to learn about their businesses and what makes them unique, then helping to create a video that stands out and shows you doing what YOU do best. If you need regular videos for your YouTube or social media, we can talk about a monthly video production package, but to start out, please just get in touch and let’s chat.

ONe-OFF Video Production


One-off professional video production includes everything required for an energetic, compelling and effective film:

  • Pre-production:

    • Video call to get to know you and learn about what you need to promote, and to whom (the “who, what, when, where, why, and how”).

    • Location scouting

    • Pre-shoot interviews with key people

    • Scripting and storyboarding

  • Shoot day:

    • Half-day shoot on-location

    • Video and audio equipment hire

  • Full post-production:

    • Video editing and colour grading

    • Audio editing, balancing and mixing

    • Professional music bed, fully licensed

  • Final delivery:

    • Your video will be professionally hosted, giving you multiple streaming and sharing options for your website, social media etc.

    • You will have access to your video from your own online private client site, with multiple download options (full resolution AND smaller versions, e.g. for social sharing)

    • If we’re creating for your YouTube, I can help title, create a compelling thumbnail, and effectively tag your video to help it reach the widest audience possible

    • We will also schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to help make sure you’re doing everything you can to get your video seen by your desired audience

Pricing starts at £600, all-inclusive. Please get in touch for more information.

If you’re looking to produce videos on a regular basis, look no further than one of the monthly packages outlined below...


MONTHLY Video Production

Whether you’d benefit from a short promotional video on a regular basis, or multiple longer videos with teasers for social media every month, our monthly video production packages will deliver out-of-this-world results for your website, YouTube channel, and your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are no hidden fees, and you can cancel or take a break at any time.


LAUNCH: £545

Ideal for starting a YouTube channel or regularly connecting with your fans

  • ONE half-day shoot

  • ONE video filmed, edited and delivered every month

  • TWO teasers [one edit, 1-minute max, delivered pre-formatted for Instagram and Facebook]

ORBIT: £945

Perfect for increasing your visibility and igniting your audience

  • TWO half-day shoots

  • TWO videos filmed, edited and delivered every month

  • FOUR teasers [one edit per video, 1-minute max, delivered pre-formatted for Instagram and Facebook]


Best for making a 'deep impact' 😉🙄 with multiple videos

  • THREE half-day shoots

  • THREE videos filmed, edited and delivered every month

  • SIX teasers [one edit per video, 1-minute max, delivered pre-formatted for Instagram and Facebook]

Benefits of Monthly video Production packages

SIMPLE: No hidden fees. Cancel at any time (1 month’s notice required).

FLEXIBLE: Shoot wherever, whenever.

TEASERS INCLUDED: A single edit of each main video, delivered in two separate formats, perfect for instantly sharing on Instagram (square format) and Facebook/Twitter (widescreen format).

Terms and conditions apply. Additional services such as full transcripts and captioning also available – just get in touch and let us know what you need!