Fringe Show Promo Videos

Flexible, Fast & Faff-FREE!


You’ve worked hard producing a show for the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, and you want to share it with as many people as possible – across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your website, YouTube… basically, EVERYWHERE?

I’ll deliver professional, energetic and engaging video for you to share far and wide – across all your media platforms – that your audience will respond to.

Fun Fringe Promo videos

  • Flexible, no-extra-hassle professional filming at your venue (or location of your choice)

  • Video editing and production of a 30-60 second promotional video, with formats tailored to social media (e.g. widescreen for facebook/twitter, square for instagram)

  • Professional backing music if required, at no extra cost

  • 2-day maximum turnaround – download your videos from your own private 24/7 client portal.



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Contact me to book your filming date and location today, and I’ll do the rest: Phone 077 5143 5094 or fill in this short form and I’ll get back to you directly.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to promote your show!
– David.

What’s Included

  • One hour filming at your location

  • Two HD videos (one edit) 30-60 seconds in length, formatted for YouTube/Website/Facebook (widescreen) & Instagram (square)

  • Additional teaser videos available on request

  • 2-DAY (max) turnaround, with digital download direct from your own private client portal, accessible 24/7

Booking deposit of 50% payable in advance of filming. Further discounts available for production companies / venues with multiple shows: Contact me for more details.

Contact Me To Book Your Preferred Slot

(subject to availability)

Where is your show going to be seen? (If your technical rehearsal is happening in a different venue, specify that in the "Details" box further down)
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Do you have technical rehearsals booked and/or have a preferred filming date? When is the best time and method to contact you?

Once I receive your details, I will contact you to book your filming slot at your preferred time and location.

Flexible filming options

With portable, professional recording equipment, I can film virtually anywhere – during your technical rehearsal in your venue, or in any other indoor or outdoor location.


All Fringe 2019 Promo Packages are inclusive of:

  • 1hr filming at a time and location of your choosing (e.g. during your tech rehearsal)

  • Video and audio equipment hire

  • Video editing and colour grading

  • Audio editing and mixing

  • Professional music licensing (if required)

  • Professional video hosting (multiple streaming/sharing options)

  • Instant video file download options via your own client portal with 24/7 access