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Hi, I’m David, and I’m Up Here 👋🏻


“How *tall* are you?”

I’m at least 6’5” (without heels)… door frames are my enemy, but it’s great for filming over people’s heads in a crowd 😉

When not making films, you’ll find me playing drums, working on my handstands, or on the driving range.

As a drummer

…I know what it feels like to pour all of your energy into making music for a live audience.


As a film-maker

…I revel in the challenge of capturing as much of that performance energy as possible – and transmitting it to new audiences.

Prior to making films

…I cut my teeth in Journalism and graphic design, which helps ensure the films I make both tell a good story *and* look great.

I also have a Diploma in Sound Engineering, after studying at Windmill Lane Recording Studios – whose past clients include U2, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, AC/DC and Def Leppard 🤘🏻– so I’ll make sure your videos *sound* professional, too.

You could say, “head and shoulders above the rest.”


*Yeah you are! 😁